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Daily Border Bulletin- Chamber Outlines Alliance to Push Immigration Reform, Republicans to Huddle on Hispanic Problem, and more

Daily Border Bulletin is up! Today's stories include:

U.S. Chamber outlines political alliance to push for overhaul of immigration- The president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said Thursday that the “door to the American dream must always remain open” as he announced a broad coalition of business, labor, faith organizations, law enforcement and ethnic groups intent on overhauling the nation’s immigration system.

Republicans to huddle on their Hispanic problem- According to Politico, a team of prominent national Republicans, including former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, plans to gather in Miami Friday to begin mapping out GOP outreach to Hispanics for the 2014 cycle, according to sources familiar with the effort.

Texas conservatives attempt “gringo inreach”- For all the talk about the need for Republicans and conservatives do to Hispanic outreach following the 2012 presidential election, they might be overlooking a more important task: “gringo inreach.”


Daily Border Bulletin- NC Suspends Drivers Licenses to DREAMers, State of the Union May Outline Immigration Reform, and more

Daily Border Bulletin is up! Today's stories include:

North Carolina suspends issuing drivers licenses to DREAMers- The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has temporarily suspended issuing driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants who were brought into the country illegally as youngsters and who now qualify for a new program allowing them to stay and work in the country.

State of the Union may outline immigration reform- White House press secretary Jay Carney on Wednesday hinted that President Obama could outline his proposal for immigration reform in his State of the Union address.

Texas legislature reverses course on immigration laws- The Texas legislature convened in Austin on Tuesday. The lawmakers gather once every two years. And in regard to cracking down on illegal immigration, the political pendulum swing is certainly in evidence this time around.

Daily Border Bulletin- IL Approves Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants, Setting Record Straight on Enforcement, and more

Daily Border Bulletin is up! Today's stories include:

Illinois House approves licenses for undocumented immigrants- The Illinois General Assembly passed legislation on Tuesday that would permit unauthorized immigrants to obtain temporary drivers licenses, clearing the way for Gov. Pat Quinn (D) to sign the bill into law.

Setting the record straight on enforcement- Check out a new infographic on the Obama administration’s oft-unrecognized accomplishments in immigration enforcement.

House gears up for immigration battle- With immigration expected to be a top issue in the new Congress, lawmakers in both parties continue to call for a bipartisan approach — while also preparing for battle.

Daily Border Bulletin- $18 Billion Spent on Immigration Enforcement Last Year, King Introduces New Birthright Bill, and more

Daily Border Bulletin is up! Today's stories include:

U.S. spent $18 billion on immigration enforcement last year- According to a report released on Monday by the Migration Policy Institute, the Obama administration spent more money on immigration enforcement than it budgeted for the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Secret Service in the last fiscal year.

King introduces new bill to stop "anchor babies"- Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King is once again advocating to “clarify” the portion of the 14th Amendment that protects birthright citizenship.

Brewer: Secure border before tackling immigration reform- Although Gov. Jan Brewer can’t put a specific definition on what it means to have a secure border, she said residents along the boundary with Mexico will know it when it happens. The question of what Brewer thinks is politically significant since the governor said she will not support any form of immigration reform unless and until the border is secure.

Daily Border Bulletin- Moving Beyond Illegal Immigration Enforcement Policies, Immigration Change to Help Families, and more

Daily Border Bulletin is up! Today's stories include:

Meissner: Moving beyond illegal immigration enforcement policies- In today’s Washington Post, Doris Meissner, director of the U.S. immigration policy program at the Migration Policy Institute and former commissioner of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, offers her thoughts on how to best move forward with immigration reform.

Change to immigration process will help keep families together- On Wednesday, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced an administrative change that will make he road to a green card less burdensome for some spouses, children and parents of U.S. citizens.

Connecticut to issue drivers licenses to DACA individuals- Connecticut will issue driver’s licenses to young people who qualify for President Obama’s “deferred action” program.

Invite: Today, Friday, Jan 18th 4:00 PM - Perspectives from the US-Mexico Border Region/Now Live on C-Span

The NDN/NPI "21st Century Border Initiative" is proud to convene the latest in our series of events examining the opportunities and challenges in the U.S.-Mexico border region.  Joining us today, Friday, January 18th at 4 p.m. for a public event are a terrific group of leaders and experts:

Eduardo Olmos, Mayor of Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico

Ken Miyagishima, Mayor of Las Cruces, NM

Raul G. Salinas, Mayor of Laredo, TX

Greg Stanton, Mayor of Phoenix, AZ

Alan Bersin,  Assistant Secretary of International Affairs, Department of Homeland Security (who will be delivering opening remarks).

The discussion will take place at NDN's event space, just a block from the White House, at 729 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC at 4:00 p.m. Please RSVP here, and we look forward to seeing you next Friday (the event has been moved from its original time on Jan 17th).

If you cannot make the event today watch live on C-Span at 415pm.

Also make sure to check out our 21st Century Border Initiative website with fresh content daily on the border region and immigration issues here.

Daily Border Bulletin - 6 Things Obama Needs To Do for Immigration Reform, AZ Convention slump tied to SB 1070, More

Your Daily Border Bulletin is up! Today's stories include the following, please click here for the full stories

ABC/Univison – Analysis: 6 Things Obama Needs To Do for Immigration Reform - On Sunday, President Barack Obama said that immigration reform is a “top priority” on his agenda and that he would introduce legislation in his first year. To find out what he needs to do to make reform a reality, read our list of important issues the President must address in the coming debates.

Arizona Repulblic – Phoenix: Convention slump tied to SB 1070 - SB 1070 is one of several factors impacting convention business, and not everyone agrees it’s to blame for the decline. But those who book meetings for the city-owned center say it has been a slog.Projected bookings for the Phoenix Convention Center are down by as much as 30 percent for the current fiscal year compared with 2009.

U.S. News and World Report – Republicans Reconsidering Immigration Reform - It’s becoming increasingly clear that immigration will be a breakthrough issue next year. President Obama has been in favor of what he calls comprehensive immigration reform for a long time, which would include creating a “path” to citizenship or legal residency for millions of illegal immigrants.

Daily Border Buletin: Rep. Gowdy selected to head immigration committee, MX Creates New Police Force, More

Daily Border Bulletin is up! Today's stories include, please click here for the full stories:

USA Today – Rep. Gowdy selected to head key immigration committee - House leaders chose a vocal opponent of illegal immigration to head up the chamber’s immigration subcommittee, which will play an integral role in the upcoming debates on how to reform the nation’s immigration laws.

BBC – Mexico to create new police force in drugs policy shift - Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, has announced the creation of a new national police force as part of efforts to tackle crime and violence.

National Journal – Opinion: New Year’s Resolution for Congress Should Be Passing Immigration Reform - Amid all the talk of the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling, White House and congressional staffers are working behind the scenes on negotiating some consensus on another major issue: immigration reform. If they can deliver a Christmas present in the form of avoiding the fiscal cliff, then passing immigration reform should be their New Year’s resolution.

Daily Border Bulletin- Politico: New ‘Gang of 8’ on Immigration, ProPublica: Illegal Immigration’s Shifting Frontier, and more

Daily Border Bulletin is up! Today's stories include:

Politico: New ‘Gang of Eight’ on immigration- Make way for a new Gang of Eight. An octet of senators has begun to meet to discuss immigration reform, multiple sources told POLITICO.

ProPublica: Illegal immigration’s shifting frontier- Last week, ProPublica published an article that explores the shifting border of illegal immigration. Although Mexicans remain the largest group, U.S.-bound migrants today are increasingly likely to be young Central Americans fleeing violence as well as poverty, or migrants from remote locales such as India and Africa who pay top smuggling fees.

Politico: 5 Republicans who matter on immigration- They lack the stature of the Big Three Republicans in the immigration reform debate: Marco Rubio, John McCain and Lindsey Graham. But just below that senatorial trio, there’s another group of lesser-known GOP lawmakers expected to play an outsize role — both within the party and negotiating with Democrats — as Congress delves into an issue that could consume much of its bandwidth next year.

Daily Border Bulletin- Poll Shows Most Support Path to Citizenship, Politico: The GOP’s Immigration Jam, and more

Daily Border Bulletin is up! Today's stories include:

POLITICO/Battleground poll shows most support path to citizenship- A new POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground poll finds that 62 percent of those surveyed support an immigration reform proposal that would allow illegal or undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship over a period of several years.

Politico: The GOP’s immigration jam- According to Politico, while top Republicans think they need to make a big move on the immigration issue and actually want a bipartisan deal with Obama, the rank and file remain skeptical.

Morrison: One bill of compromises isn't the answer- In the New York Times’ Room for Immigration Reform debate, Bruce Morrison offers his view on how to best approach comprehensive immigration reform. Morrison is a former U.S. Representative from Connecticut, chairman of the House immigration subcommittee, and the author of the Immigration Act of 1990.

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