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McCain argues with himself

Following his recent confusion regarding the difference between Sunni and Shiite, the wheels continue to fall off Old Man McCain's straight talk express, this time courtesy of the DNC. The recently released website, mccaindebates.com, features Arizona's Senior Senator contradicting himself on a number of points on the war in Iraq by playing quotes he gave, and perhaps, like his remark on his lack of understanding of economics, or today's revelations from the New York Times on his almost-party-switching, forgot about. It concludes saying, "No matter which McCain you listen to, he only offers a third Bush term on Iraq." This website features a two pronged argument that will play prominently as Democrats turn toward McCain: First, that he is not the straight shooter he claims to be - or appeared to be in 2000 - and second, a McCain presidency offers a nothing more than a third Bush term.

Stephen Colbert calls John McCain a Minotaur in Samantha Powers' presence

Appearing on the Colbert Report on Monday to promote her new book about Brazilian diplomat Segio Viera de Mello, Samantha Power passed on a chance to spin her Hillary Clinton “monster” comment. The former foreign policy advisor to Barack Obama didn’t bite at Colbert’s suggestion that Power actually meant that Clinton was a beneficent monster in the likes of Cookie Monster, even when Colbert offered to one-up her by calling John McCain a Minotaur.

The fun is at the beginning, as the interview moves quickly to the book (which sounds like a worthwhile lesson on modern diplomacy). Take a look:

Colbert’s suggestion that both the Clinton and Obama camps will continue to lose staff to offensive comments, leading to sandpit wrestling between the two candidates, has some potential to be the least messy and complicated means to bring an end to the nomination process. Short of a wrestling match, we’ll see how long we have to wait as to whether Colbert’s suggested campaign slogan of, “C is for Clinton, that’s good enough for me,” proves to be the case.

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