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Video, 1/17: On Fox Today, Simon Talks About the Coming Legislative Battles

Simon appeared on "America Live with Megyn Kelly" on January 17, 2013 to discuss President Obama's agenda and upcoming legislative battles.

NDN Issue Roundup: On Gun Violence

In the aftermath of too many mass shootings in recent history, President Obama yesterday made a bold announcement on steps to gun reform. Please read the following recent NDN pieces on the issue:

Op-Ed in The Hill: "America the Violent? No more" by Simon Rosenberg and Chris Bowman, March 5, 2013

Statement from NDN on The President's Gun Violence Announcement Today, by Simon Rosenberg. January 16, 2013.

A Millenial Era Approach to Preventing Gun Violence, by Mike Hais and Morley Winograd. January 16, 2013.

President Obama's Gun Announcement, Straw Purchasers, and the Southwest Border, by Kristian Ramos. January 16, 2013.

NDN Analysis: Hard To Argue There Is A Culture of Violence in the US, by Simon Rosenberg. January 9, 2013.


Video, 1/15: Simon Makes The Case for Ending Debt Ceiling Politics on Cavuto

In an appearance on "Your World with Neil Cavuto" on January 15, 2012, Simon discussed the debt ceiling and why Congress should stop playing politics with it.

Video, Jan 15th: Simon on HuffPost Live Discussing Immigration Reform

This morning, Simon appeared on HuffPost Live with host Alicia Menendez, Frank Sharry of America's Voice, Jenny Yang and Huffington Post reporter Elise Foley to discuss immigration reform. For anyone wanting to get caught up on the latest state of play in the immigration reform debate, it is well worth reviewing.

And be sure to read this new piece by Elise Foley in the Huffington Post, which does a good job providing a big picture look at where we are in this important debate.  

Today, January 15th: Simon on HuffPost Live Discussing Immigration Reform

This morning, please join Simon at 11 am for a web discussion on HuffPost Live hosted by Alicia Menendez. Other participants willl be Frank Sharry of America's Voice and Huffington Post reporter Elise Foley, who penned this piece today on the path forward for immigration reform.

For more, follow Simon on Twitter at @SimonWDC and NDN's 21st Century Border Project here.

Video, 1/14: On Fox, Simon Discusses New Data Showing Health Care Cost Growth Flattening

Simon appeared on Fox Business Network's "MONEY with Melissa Francis" to discuss health care costs and this article in the Wall Street Journal, opposite former CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Dr. P.

Video, 1/10: Simon Discusses Next Round of Fiscal Talks on Megyn Kelly

Simon appeared on "America Live with Megyn Kelly" today to discuss deficit reduction and tax reforms.

NDN's Terrific Event Space, Just A Block From the White House, Available for Rental

Interested in a high quality event and meeting space just a block from the White House, in Washington, DC? One which clocks in far below in price than nearby hotels? 

Well, we are excited to introduce you to the event space at the think tank NDN/New Policy Institute.  Starting this month, NDN is making its popular event space available on a limited basis to like minded organizations and allies.   Over the past four years it has been used for speeches, panels, conferences, private meetings and dinners.  And now you can rent it too. 

Take a look at the materials attached and if you would like to talk about rental please contact NDN Events Advisor Tracy Leaman at tracy@eventstoatdc.com.  She can walk you through the options - half day, day and evening - and find an open date for your needs.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Video, 1/3: Simon on Fox Discussing Hurricane Sandy, FEMA

Simon appeared on "America Live with Megyn Kelly" today to discuss Hurricane Sandy and FEMA.

Simon on The O'Reilly Factor Discussing President Obama's Second Term

Simon appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor" on December 27, 2012 with host Laura Ingraham to discuss President Obama's second term.

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