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NDN News Roundup, 1/29: Progress for Immigration

With the Senate and the President both gearing up on immigration reform, NDN has appeared in the news quite a bit recently focusing on immigration. In the build up to this big immigration push, Simon had offered his opinion in recent weeks to Huffington Post and participated in a HuffPost Live discussion with host Alicia Menendez to discuss immigration reform. He released this statement on Friday on NDN's position on immigration reform.

Following the Senate's release of their immigration proposal yesterday morning, Simon offered his thoughts in NBC Latino and the Houston Chronicle. From NBC: 

“The devil is in the details, though — there are some critical details to be worked out, especially as pertains to border issues,” he says.  Though many legislators still argue for the need to enforce the border above all, Rosenberg argues there has not been much collective understanding on the current realities of the U.S.-Mexico border.

“This connection between border progress and citizenship for the undocumented is something that needs to be worked through in a fair and reasonable way,” Rosenberg says, also arguing that net migration from Mexico to the U.S. has dropped precipitously.


He discussed taxes in the immigration plan with the SF Chronicle and was featured in a piece in the Wall Street Journal stressing the importance of the border, saying: 

"The key here is to make sure the metrics in determining border safety [are] reasonable," said Simon Rosenberg, president of the New Democrat Network, a group that favors an immigration overhaul. "What is unacceptable to many is if this ends up becoming something that never happens."

Simon was also interviewed by PBS News Hour for an extended segment for his take on immigration reform.

TODAY: Simon will be on HuffPost Live after the President's speech on immigration reform. He will be speaking in a public event at American University tonight to discuss immigration reform. For more information, please see here.

Stay tuned for more from NDN, and make sure to see our latest on immigration reform at 21border.com.

NDN News Roundup, 1/28: Immigration, President Obama's Second Term

Since Sandy Hook and the re-emergence of gun violence in the current political debate, Simon engaged in a number of discussions on the topic. He penned this piece and appeared here on "Your World with Neil Cavuto."

Last Friday, Simon hosted a web discussion with Dr. Mike Hais and Dr. Tom Schaller to discuss the new political era. Over the weekend, Simon appeared a New York Times piece by John Harwood on President Obama's second term, which touches on economics and immigration reform, among other issues. He also appeared on Fox to discuss Benghazi with host Megyn Kelly.

On immigration, NDN President Simon Rosenberg released this statement on immigration reform, which was quoted in the Houston Chronicle. He offered his thoughts on the immigration reform plan released by the Senate this morning in this NBC Latino article. 

For more from NDN, see last week's news roundup, including a focus on immigration reform and President Obama's second term. 


Video, 1/24: Simon Defends The Administration on Benghazi

Simon appeared on "America Live with Megyn Kelly" on January 24, 2013 to discuss Hillary Clinton's testimony on Benghazi and once again explain why the Administration handled the situation correctly. Also, please find Simon's assessment of the situation from November here.

Video, 1/25: Is The US Entering A New Political Era?

Today, Simon hosted a live web discussion with Dr. Mike Hais, NDN Fellow and Author, and Dr. Tom Schaller, UMBC Professor and Author on the political shift of American politics. To find more information about the event, please see here.

For those of you who were not able to join us earlier, make sure to watch the video recording here.

NDN Issue Roundup: A New Political Era, Obama's Second Term

One has heard a great of discussion this last few days following Barack Obama's inspiring 2nd Inaugural Address that America may entering a new post Reagan/Southern Strategy/Conservative Ascendancy political era.  This is an idea NDN has long championed, putting years of work and millions of dollars of research into helping the center-left find its way to this point.  Our Fellows Morley Winograd and Mike Hais have even written two critically acclaimed books on the subject.

Highlights of our work over the years include:

Ron Brownstein (Simon is quoted extensively) - Why Obama Is Giving Up on Right-Leaning WhitesNational Journal. February 4, 2013.

Simon Rosenberg/Mike Hais/Dr. Tom Schaller - Is the US Entering A New Political Era? (Video), Spreecast. January 25, 2013.

Mike Hais and Morley Winograd - Opinion: Obama's Electoral Coalition Is Now His Policy Coalition, National Journal. January 24, 2013.

Simon Rosenberg - Obama vs. ClintonHuffPost Live. January 18, 2013.

Mike Hais and Morley Winograd - Tax Revolt Is Ending Where It All Began, NDN.org. January 16, 2013.

Simon Rosenberg - Leaving the Reagan Era BehindNDN.org. December 15, 2012.

Simon Rosenberg- Forward, or Backward?, October 12, 2012, Letras Libres.

Mike Hais – If You Don't Use It, Lose It, January 15, 2010, NDN.org.

Simon Rosenberg - On Obama, Race, and the End of the Southern Strategy, NDN.org. January 4, 2008.

Simon Rosenberg/Peter Leyden - The 50 Year Strategy: A New Progressive Era (No, Really!)Mother Jones. November/December 2007.

Also, please find recent relevant news and appearances from NDN here

1/24: NDN News Roundup

With the beginning of President Obama's second term and a number of important legislative battles ahead, please find these recent mentions of NDN in the news:

Simon has been in the news quite a bit lately, with appearances on Fox here, here, here, and here. He appeared on Al Jazeera English and in Spanish-language La Opinion discussing President Obama's second term. He joined host Alicia Menendez on Huff Post live twice last week, to discuss immigration reform and then on the Obama legacy

Simon also was quoted on immigration reform in this Huffington Post piece by Elise Foley, ABC News discussing 2016, and in the Washington Examiner discussing Hillary Clinton and looking forward at 2016.

In light of President Obama's bold statement last week, NDNers also wrote a number of pieces on gun reform. Please find these articles aggregated here

For more, follow us on Twitter at @SimonWDC and NDN at @NDN_NPI.

Video, 1/18: Simon On Al Jazeera English Discussing President Obama's Second Term

Simon appeared on Al Jazeera English's "Inside Story" with host Shibab Rattansi and John Nichols of The Nation to look forward at President Obama's second term. To see the video, please click here.

Watch the Video – MENA Chat – The Israeli Elections

On Monday, January 28th NDN’s Bradley Bosserman hosted an interactive discussion about the foreign policy implications of the recent Israeli elections. He was joined by two other Middle East analysts and writers. You can watch the video here.

Grant Rumley is a Visiting Fellow at Mitvim – The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies, and Editor in Chief at the Jerusalem Review of Near East Affairs.

Allison Good is a freelance writer, analyst, and contributor to the Daily Beast’s Open Zion. They live on twitter as @Grant_Rumley and @Allison_Good1 and @BradEEB

A few of the issues covered were the possible new governing coalition, the impact on Israeli and US policy toward Iran, and we address whether the latest Israeli statements on striking Syria should be understood as bluster or warning.

This discussion is part of an ongoing series of video Spreecasts designed to provide the NDN community with diverse insights – in new and interactive formats – on unfolding events in the Middle East and North Africa. Last month featured a conversation about the elections in Egypt, which you can view here.

Video, 1/22: On Fox Today, Simon Compares Obama to Reagan

Simon appeared on "Happening Now with Jon Scott and Jenna Lee" today looking forward at President Obama's second term.

Video, 1/18: Simon on HuffPost Live Discussing The Obama Legacy

Simon appeared on HuffPost live this morning with host Alicia Menendez for a terrific big picture talk about the Obama legacy and prospects for his second term.  In case you missed it, please find the video here.

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