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Alicia Menendez Discussing Campaign Advertising on MSNBC's New Jansing & Co.

Yesterday Alicia contributed for two hours on MSNBC's new morning show, Jansing & Co. Here is a clip from her appearance.


Alicia on The Dylan Ratigan Show: A Discussion on The Future of the GOP, and New Media vs. Old Media

Watch Alicia on The Dylan Ratigan show with Jonathan Capehart and Matt Lewis.


Alicia on The O'Reilly Factor Last Night

Here is Alicia discussing the upcoming November elections.


Simon Had Two Appearances Yesterday! Fox News and The Dylan Ratigan Show.

Here are the clips in case you missed them.



Simon on Fox News: How to Handle Health Care on the Campaign Trail

Yesterday Simon discussed whether Democrats should be embracing or running from the continued health care debate leading up to November.  This was a great appearance, as Simon was able to push home the advice that voters should be focusing on who actually has a credible plan for the future.  Check out NDN's assessment of The Boehner Plan, which also speaks to this point.



Alicia on Larry King Live w/Ben Stein, Ari Fleischer and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Alicia had a great night on Larry King Live last night.  Much was covered in the segment, including the AZ and FL primary races, the Ground Zero mosque debate, and the economy.






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