Invite: Wed - Rep. Scott Peters on Inflation, J6 Committee, SCOTUS/End of Roe

Please join us this Wednesday for a conversation with Rep. Scott Peters, Vice Chair of the largest caucus in the House, the New Democrat Coalition.  Rep. Peters will be discussing the NDC’s new action plan to fight inflation, a hugely impressive and important contribution to the current economic debate.  He will also be discussing the dramatic new revelations coming from the January 6th Committee and the Supreme Court’s extraordinary right ward shift.  After some initial opening remarks, we will open it up to our guests for questions and answers.   

In reviewing the New Dem plan to fight inflation Forbes called it “the best inflation-fighting blueprint to come out of Congress yet.”

Our conversation with Rep. Peters will be on Wednesday, June 29th at 430pm ET via Zoom.  You can register for the event here, and learn more about the NDC’s plan to fight inflation here and below.  We hope you can make it – this plan is among the more ambitious projects in the NDC’s proud history.  It will be well worth your time. 

More on the NDC’s Action Plan to Fight Inflation

“Today, the New Democrat Coalition (NDC) released a comprehensive action plan to fight inflation, lower the cost of living for Americans, and secure the long-term fiscal future of the nation. The New Dem plan examines the actions President Biden and Congressional Democrats have already taken to cut costs and outlines tangible steps federal policymakers can take to reduce prices on essential goods and services and provide relief to American families, workers, and businesses. 

New Dem Leadership members today also wrote to President Biden and Congressional Leadership calling for the implementation of the Coalition’s plan to fight inflation. New Dems urged President Biden to roll back costly and ineffective Trump-era tariffs, address the workforce shortage, and work to lower costs on everyday necessities, including housing, energy, and health care. In Congress, New Dems are pressing leadership to quickly finalize a bipartisan innovation bill, negotiate a strong reconciliation bill focused on fighting inflation, and use every legislative week to advance an affordability agenda on the House floor. 

President Biden and Congressional Democrats have made historic progress in getting Americans back to work, growing the economy, strengthening supply chains, and reversing decades of underinvestment in our nation’s infrastructure. However, this rapid economic growth along with lingering pandemic challenges and Putin’s unjust war in Ukraine has led to rising prices here at home and across the globe. That’s why the NDC formed a first-of-its-kind Inflation Working Group that meets and works with economists, policy experts, and key stakeholders to develop and advance effective policy solutions to fight inflation.”