A Moment of Fragile Promise

A Moment of Fragile Promise – The last few years have been hard in America.  They have been hard.   

But as warmer days are now arriving, there is all of a sudden much to be hopeful about.  COVID is truly receding here in the US, and we have more powerful tools to fight any future variant.  Our economy just had one of its strongest years on record.  New data shows that even with inflation Americans came out ahead last year A record number of new businesses were formed last year.  Millions have gained health insurance.  Transformative infrastructure investment has begun across the country.  Important climate and competitiveness bills are winding their way through Congress, as are other important efforts to invest in our people (see here for data, backup).  

Here at home, after a few very hard years, things are getting better. In some ways, remarkably so.  

And while Putin’s attack on Ukraine is tragic and terrifying, we also must acknowledge that something truly important has happened in this past week – the West has been reinvigorated, and a necessary and profound reckoning with Putin, autocracy and kleptocracy has begun. 

It has long been our view that the central opportunity of the Biden Presidency was to lead such a revival of the West, and to organize a new effort to roll back the gains illiberalism had made here at home and across the world.  We are there now, inspired by the historic bravery of President Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people, and there is no turning back for Joe Biden, the US or Europe.  A decisive blow against Putin’s rancid regime is being struck, and we need to give the President and his able team the time, space and resources to finish the job.  

We have scheduled two events this week to talk about these momentous and hopeful developments. Tomorrow at 1pm ET, we host noted historian David Rothkopf for what will be a timely discussion about Ukraine and what it means for the US and the West (RSVP). On Friday at 12:30pm ET we will be doing a live showing of our presentation, With Democrats Things Get Better, which reviews how much better the American economy does when Democrats are the in the White House (yes, with Biden too).  You can RSVP for With Dems here.

Join us for either event, or both.  Come spend time with us this week as we attempt to live in the fragile promise of this hopeful moment.  For we here at NDN are tired of the poisonous and misplaced pessimism that has infected our politics in the dark age of Trump, and intend to do our part in helping America learn how to ignore the voices who continue to talk down this remarkable country and its even more remarkable people.