Catch Simon on That Trippi Show, In The Atlantic, Politico and More

So the insights in our big new strategy memo, Time for Dems to Come Together, has gotten some attention in recent days. Simon discusses the memo’s insights in Ron Brownstein’s smart new column on the 2022 midterms today and in this Politico article by Christopher Cadelago and Laura Barron-Lopez.  You can also catch him talking about the memo in this Newsy piece with Andrew Rafferty, and in Ian Masters’ new podcast.

But the highlight of the week is Simon’s sit down his with old friend, Joe Trippi, for his excellent weekly podcast, That Trippi Show.  The episode is called “3 Ways To In in 2022.” Simon and Joe go in-depth into the memo, and spend a significant amount of time discussing the reasons why Simon thinks 2022 can be a very good year for Democrats.  It is a wonderful conversation between two old friends, and they end sharing their optimism about our prospects next year – as Simon says, “I’d rather be us than them.