DHS Sec Wolf, AG Rosen Should Testify ASAP on Capitol Security Lapse

Thursday, Jan 7th - NDN is calling on Congress to subpoena Acting DHS Secretary Wolf and Acting Attorney General Rosen for a public session to discuss the breach of the Capitol, under oath, in the House of Representatives next week.  If possible, Steven Sund, the Chief of the Capitol Police, should join them. 

The actions by Trump extremists yesterday in Washington and in dozens of capitols across the country had to have been known to DHS/FBI.  Just a few months ago DHS labeled right wing extremism America’s most significant domestic threat.  The FBI had recently broken up an extremist plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor, and we’ve seen repeated episodes of domestic terrorism and violence by a growing right wing extremist movement in the past few years.  The preparations for a national day of action and violence to keep the President in office was out in the open, known – it is just inconceivable that the entire Capital region wasn’t prepared for a potential incident, especially since the Vice President was going to be in the Capitol all day, and both chambers would be in session. 

The American people need to hear from Wolf and Rosen right now about why the Capitol wasn’t better prepared for the attack yesterday.   If this doesn’t happen before the change in Administrations, they should testify as private citizens, under oath, as soon as possible.

You can find more insights from NDN on the January 6th attack on the Congress here, and loud warnings from us about Trump’s systemic attacks on our democracy and growing embrace of political violence as a means to advance his agenda and stay in power.