Simon's Notes On 2020

Each week, Simon publishes his thoughts on the state of the Democratic presidential campaigns, general election polling and new developments, and recent actions by the Trump administration on issues of both foreign and domestic policy. Below you can find an up-to-date archive of these notes over the past several months.

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Dems Battle It Out, Nevada Caucus Concerns - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 2/10/20 - With polling in New Hampshire extremely volatile, we really don’t know much other than that Bernie and Pete will likely do well tomorrow. The DNC and the state parties must also take steps to assure the public that we are not headed towards another fiasco like in Iowa

On To New Hampshire, Impeachment Ends, The App Fiasco - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 2/5/20 - Impeachment ends today, and it means that the attention of many Democrats will turn to the Presidential race.  What they will find is a wide open race, with six candidates, including Mike Bloomberg, slugging it out over an incredibly intense five week stretch. 

Crossing The Rubicon - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 1/27/20 - The descent of the GOP from Reagan to Trump, and its increasing acceptance of illiberalism and actions at odds with our democratic tradition to gain/maintain power, is perhaps the most important political story of our time.

America Not Winning, Bernie Stumbles And Biden Leads - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 1/21/20 - The Senate Impeachment trial begins with McConnell and Trump continuing to savage our democracy and the cause of democracy and liberty everywhere in the world.  With Iowa looming, Biden leads and Bernie stumbles. 

Impeachment, Biden Leads, McConnell's Carnage - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 1/13/20 - In his weekly take on the 2020 election, Simon takes a deep dive into recent polling on Impeachment and the President's handling of Iran, and challenges Mitch McConnell to honor our Senate and democracy by convening a fair trial. 

Game Time For Democrats, Bidens Leads - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 1/7/20 - As we head into a very intense period on the Democratic side, former VP Joe Biden enters this stretch in the best shape of all the Democratic candidates, while the President’s standing with the public remains historically low for a President at this point in their first term.

McConnell's Weak Hand, Trump Russia Returns - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 12/23/19 - McConnell’s corrupt threat to rig the Senate trial has been made far more challenging by Trump’s unceasing criminality, exemplified by the expanding SDNY criminal investigation into the Ukraine scandal which has already started arresting close Trump aides.

Trump Is Losing The Argument On Impeachment - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 12/16/19 - Simon makes the case that all there is for Trump and Republicans is bad news.  The President is historically unpopular and got beat badly in elections in 2018 and 2019. McConnell’s promise to rig the Senate trial is a sign of panic and weakness, not confidence and strength.

Syria Fiasco Makes The Case For Removing Trump Far Stronger - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 10/15/19 - Trump’s decision to surrender Syria to Russia and Turkey has made the case for his removal far stronger. For we now have clear evidence of the threat posed by leaving him in office – Russia strengthened, ISIS revived, and America humiliated.

Our Mad King - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 10/7/19 - The President’s recklessness on his Syria withdrawal, and his making big calls which do not clearly advance the interests of the United States, is why his removal from office is an urgent national priority now.