Our Mad King and Impeachment

NDN has written extensively on the House's impeachment inquiry against the President, the President's lawlessness in the Ukraine affair, public opinion and polling surrounding impeachment, and the coming Senate impeachment trial. Below you can find links to all of our work on this important subject. 

Crossing the Rubicon - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 1/29/20 - The GOP's increasing acceptance of illiberalism and actions at odds with our democratic tradition to gain/maintain power has become the most important political story of our time.

Where Bolton Is Headed - Putin - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 1/28/20 - When John Bolton talks - and he will, soon - I predict the most explosive revelations will be about Trump's repeated altering of US foreign policy to align with Putin's wishes. Questions of Trump's loyalty will be raised.

Parnas, Trump, And McConnell's Very Weak Hand - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 1/16/20 - McConnell is going to discover that getting his colleagues to acquittal will be far harder than he had hoped because the President is clearly guilty, the evidence is overwhelming, and the SDNY investigation of Parnas and Giuliani is only just beginning.

Impeachment, Biden Leads, McConnell's Carnage - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 1/13/20 - In his weekly take on the 2020 election, Simon takes a deep dive into recent polling on Impeachment and the President's handling of Iran, and challenges Mitch McConnell to honor our Senate and democracy by convening a fair trial. 

Iran, Our Mad King, And Impeachment - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 1/6/20 - The President's wild and reckless behavior these past few weeks has strenghtened the case for his removal, and is making it far harder for any Senator to claim this desperate man is "innocent" and fit to serve. 

Acquitting Trump Will Be Harder For The Senate Than It Appears - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 12/21/19 - McConnell's hand is far weaker than it appears, and a renewed focus on the unprecedented criminality of the President is going to make it impossible now for the Republicans to assert "innocence."

NDN Calls On The House To Conduct A Broad Security Review - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 12/21/19 - As the Senate takes up Impeachment, the House should launch a formal security review of the President's foreign policy, helping create a better understanding of the damage done to our standing in the world and our national security. 

The House Should Consider Breaking Impeachment Into Three Parallel Tracks - Simon Rosenberg, GEN, 12/1/19 - In a new essay, Simon makes the case that the Impeachment process should be broken into 3 parallel tracks: 1) the crimes 2) the co-conspirators 3) A security review. 

New Polls Show Impeachment Moving Into Dangerous Territory For Trump - Chris Taylor, NDN, 10/1/19 - The first round of polling since the beginning of the impeachment inquiry represents very dangerous territory for the President. Larger numbers of Americans want him impeached than not, and this is before the House of Representatives conducts new impeachment hearings.

Tariffs, Trump and Tyrants - Simon Rosenberg, NDN, 5/31/19 - More Mad King than President, Trump's refusal to honor the laws, rules and norms which make democracies work is the greatest High Crime of all.  His ill-considered, whimsical tariffs are just the latest example, and should be forcefully challenged by Congress.