NDN provides analysis on a wide range of governance and electoral issues that are at the forefront of American politics today. Below you can find the seven key program areas that together make up the brunt of NDN's work. 

US Economy and Trade Policy - This backgrounder pulls together our work looking at President Trump’s economic and trade policies, particularly the effects of the 2018 tax cuts, trade war with China, and USMCA. 

2020 Election and Political Analysis - Election analysis has been one of NDN's most influential areas of work over the past 14 years, and here we send along our most recent releases on the Democratic primary, the 2020 general election, and the current polling situation surrounding Trump and impeachment. 

Asymmetry Project- This project makes the argument that one of the defining political developments of our time is just how different the two American political parties have become. The Asymmetry Project looks at the performance of the two parties during the 16 years of Obama and Clinton and the 15 plus years of the Bushes and Trump. What the data shows is that America has prospered and made progress when Democrats have been in power, and fallen behind, again and again, when Republicans have held the White House.

Countering Illiberalism's Rise - NDN's writing on the need for all political organizations and parties to more forcefully challenge the rising tide of far-right illiberalism, supported and aided by Putin's Russia, in the West today.

Protecting Our Elections and Disinformation - In the 2018 election cycle, NDN's Simon Rosenberg built and oversaw the countering disinformation operation at the DCCC - the first ever of its kind at a national party committee. Here you can find NDN's work surrounding election security and disinformation. 

Coronavirus Crisis - NDN has published several analyses on the health, political, and economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. You can find all of this work here.

Our Mad King and Impeachment - NDN's work on the House's impeachment inquiry against the President, the President's lawlessness in the Ukraine affair, public opinion and polling surrounding impeachment, and the coming Senate impeachment trial.

Immigration and the Border - NDN's work on immigration policy under the Trump Administration and the politics of immigration in 2016, 2018, and 2020.