Who Won The Hill Election Prediction Contest?

Friends, a few of you have asked who won The Hill election prediction contest.  In reviewing the various submissions, with the late movement towards the Dems in Arizona and other places, it appears I won, or Maria Cardona did, or both of us. 

Of the three who could win Armstrong Williams had it Senate GOP plus 5, and Dems winning 30 in the House.  Maria and I had Rs keeping the Senate/Dems plus 1, and I had the House at 40 and she had it at 35-40. 

Where we stand today is Rs plus nothing (they are still at 51), which is far closer to where Maria and I have it than Armstrong (he is off 5, we are off 1).  If Rs win both FL and MS in the coming weeks and get it up to plus 2 then Armstrong, Maria and I will be off by 3 seats each, tying.  But Maria and I are closer in the House as it looks like Dems will come in 38-40. 

Still waiting for the Hill to make their call but sure does look like it will be some combo of me and Maria, and Maria as many of you know is a former NDNer.  Will update when we know more.