NDN's 2018 Election Analysis

NDN has produced a new series that takes an in-depth look at the 2018 election results and provides analysis as to what the election means for policymaking over the next two years, the changing demographics of voters, and the 2020 presidential election.

A Good Night For Democrats - 2018 Post-Election Analysis - 11/8/18 - 2018 was a very good election for the Democratic Party.  Next year Democrats will have far more power, Republicans far less.  Important new leaders emerged, GOP saw its position erode in key 2020 battlegrounds, and young voters and Hispanics swung hard for Democrats.

Among "New Coalition" Voters, Democrats Have Their Best Performance Ever - 11/9/18 - In the 2018 elections Democrats had their best showing ever with 18-29s, 18-44s, and Asian-Americans, and their 2nd best with Hispanics.  Bodes well for 2020 and many elections to come.

2018 Was A Very Good Election For Democrats, And An Even Better One For Their Future - 11/16/18 -  In 2018, Democrats had their largest popular vote margin over Republicans since 2006, and their highest percentage support since 1986. Alongside historic gains among all of the growing demographic groups, this election shows the strength of the emerging Democratic coalition.

$38 Million For Beto, And Why It Matters - 10/30/18 - Democrats have been raising a lot of money this cycle.  This is not just about fear of Trump - it is about the broad adoption of a more authentic people based politics suited for the digital age championed by Dean, Obama, and yes even Trump himself. 

A New And Exciting Democratic Party Is Emerging - 11/8/18 - Some thoughts on the rise of a new generation of political leaders and how they are going to change the Democratic Party. 

Some Thoughts About The Caravan - 10/24/18 - The Caravan, composed of 3,000 poor, unarmed, mostly Honduran migrants, poses no threat to the US, and illegal border crossings continue to be way down. Some thoughts on what Democrats should do to respond to Trump's farcical attacks and inane policies.

Iowa, Trump, and the Politics of Globalization/Tariffs - 10/12/18 - Trump’s trade policies are hurting the Iowa economy. His tariffs are unpopular there, and his party is performing badly in the fall elections. Some thoughts on what this means for the Democratic presidential race starting soon. 

In All Important Florida, Democrats Lost Ground With Hispanic Voters - 11/9/18 - In a year when Democrats made gains with Hispanics across the nation, Florida Democrats saw their performance with Hispanics decline.  Work has to be done to figure out why. 

Some Notes On The Decline Of TV, Rise Of Social Media In American Politics - 4/27/18 - Some recent data from Pew Research suggests pace of erosion of TV, rise of digital is picking up, and 2018 likely to be first election more folks get their news online than from TV. Big implications for US politics.