Backgrounder: The President's Trade Agenda

As the debate on the President's trade agenda in Washington continues, we wanted to have one place to share all background resources for those who wish to get caught up. We hope you find these reports and pieces to be helpful:

Obama Administration Materials

  • Report: "Standing Up for the Environment: Trade for a Greener World," USTR, 5/21/15. 
  • Full Speech: "The World Wants What America Makes," Secretary John Kerry in Renton, Washington, 5/19/15. 
  • Full Speech: "An Open and Secure Internet: We Must Have Both," Secretary John Kerry in Seoul, Korea, 5/18/15.  
  • Blog: "Seizing Strategic Opportunity Through Trade", Caroline Atkinson, 5/7/15. 
  • Full Speech: "The Digital Economy and Trade: A 21st Leadership Imperative," Deputy USTR Robert Holleyman at NDN, 5/1/15.
  • Fact Sheet: "The Digital Dozen," USTR, 5/1/15.
  • Report: "The Economic Benefits of Trade," White House Council of Economic Advisors, 5/1/15.
  • Report: "The United States of Trade," USTR and U.S. Department of Commerce, 5/1/15. 
  • Transcript: "U.S. Trade Negotiations Aim to Raise Labor and Environmental Standards," Conversation with USTR Michael Froman at Council on Foreign Relations, 06/14/14.

The Path Forward

Noteworthy Op-Eds/Articles/Reports:

Other Useful Materials

Materials from NDN

NDN in the Press

Additional Important Websites

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