The Central American Migrant Crisis - Summer Reading From NDN/NPI

The team at NDN/NPI has been on point for the last few months on one of the top issues on the domestic agenda – the Central American migrant crisis.  We’ve done dozens of press interviews and private briefings, conferred with the Senate, House and through the Administration, and produced early, impactful analysis of the crisis.   The issues debated these last few months will also be central to the upcoming fall debate as Congress will have to tackle the crisis after its failure last week and the President is expected to take executive action to help eliviate the crisis and improve other parts of the immigration system.   We send along some of the hightlights of our work for your review and beach reaching this August. 

NDN/NPI Material:

Most Anti-Hispanic House of Representatives Ever, 8/1/14: Simon's piece that covers the many anti-Hispanic acts of the GOP controlled House of Representatives. Just two years after claiming they were reaching out to the Hispanic Community, the House has moved even further to the right.

Simon's Appearance on the O'Reilly Factor, 7/31/14: Simon went on the Fox News prime time show to discuss immigration, the border, and the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico. 

NDN Report on Central American Migrants and Obama's Immigration/Enforcement Record, 7/18/14: We compiled all of our research on the border and additional data on the surge from Central American countries. This report takes a wide-ranging look into how the Obama Administration has improved our immigration system and how there is still work left to do. 

"On Immigration, the House GOP has only one answer: Deport the Kids", 7/16/14: Written originally for, Simon predicts that GOP policy on immigration can be properly defined as: "Deport the Kids." Simon writes about how 2006 was a pivotal moment for the relationship between the Hispanic Community and party politics. He goes onto discuss to outline how the GOP's response to the Central American Migrant Crisis and failure to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform will impact the party for years to come.

What Congress Can Do To Help with the Central American Migrant Crisis, 6/24/14: Simon's prescient post about how Congress should tackle the crisis, with suggestions on how to improve the detention process, invest in Central America, and move forward on comprehensive immigration reform.

"Forward, or Backward?", 10/25/12: A prescient article written for Les Letras Libres (a Mexico-City based Spanish language Journal) in 2012, Simon wonders whether the Republican Party will move forward and adopt new policies that appeal to the Hispanic electorate or turn its back on them. Though the piece was written almost two years ago, it holds up well and provides excellent context to how long the GOP has been grappling with this issue. For more information on what we've been up to, feel free to check out or follow us on Twitter @NDN_NPI. 

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