Shutdown - The Latest from the NDN/NPI Team

Recent articles relating to the shutdown from team NDN/NPI:  

- "A Special Note About the Current Crisis in Washington." Oct 16, 2013. Simon Rosenberg. Rosenberg identifies the steps needed to bring concrete solutions and better politics to our country, contrary to the GOP-led gridlock we witnessed this month in Congress.

- "Will Tea Party Insanity Cost America $3 trillion and 2.75 million jobs?" Oct 16, 2013. Dr. Robert Shapiro. Shapir explores the economic consequences of the government shutdown and argues that Congress' reckless behavior threatens access to the low-cost capital on which the economy depends. 

- “The Shutdown Endgame: Getting to a Budget Deal, Protecting our Democracy."  Oct 2, 2013. Simon Rosenberg.  As the governenment shutdown takes on day 3, Simon Rosenberg makes the case that President Obama should focus on getting a budget deal to fund the government for next year and refuse to negotiate on any other item.

"Are Republican Leaders Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?" Oct 1, 2013. Dr. Robert Shapiro.  Shapiro analyzes the economic implications of the House GOP's strategy of holding normal government operations hostage to a variety of demands tied to the Affordable Care Act.

"Confrontation and Crisis will Create New Millenial Era Civic Ethos."  Oct 1, 2013. Mike Hais & Morley Winograd. Mike and Morley explore how older politicians will have to get beyond their ideological blinders to recognize the opportunity waiting with both halves of the Millennial era civic ethos paradox.

- "GOP's attack on ACA May Harm Party with Latinos As Much As Immigration Reform."  Sept 19, 2013. Simon Rosenberg. Simon points out that more Hispanics will be elibigible for health insurance under the ACA than are undocumented Hispanic immigrants in the country. His take: debate over the ACA is going to have a deep impact on the GOP brand with Hispanics.

"The Biggest Risks to the U.S. Economy Now Come from Congress and China" Sept. 4, 2013. Dr. Robert Shapiro.  Shapiro warns us that the most clear and present threat to growth lies in the looming fight over the debt ceiling and China's economic heft to materially affect the path of the American economy.


- "Forward or Backward?" October 25th, 2012. Simon Rosenberg. In a flashback to 2012, we revisit Rosenberg's analysis that a new coalition of progressive leaders must rise to address the political, cultural, social, and demographic changes affecting our nation in response to an aging, reactionary American right.