Simon Discusses NSA Leaks, Snowden, and Global Surveillance on Fox and Al Jazeera America

Simon recently appreared on Megyn Kelly's show to discuss the NSA leaks, Snowden, and the greater political implications. He explained that "we'll have to establish new norms so people have faith in government... [and] we have to do more to ensure that countries like Russia and China... are not also using their power to interfere with things going on here in the U.S..." He also touched on the political ramifications of the leaks: "The timing of the leaks seem to be maximally designed to undermine" the discussions with the Chinese.

Additionally, Simon appeared on Al Jazeera's Inside Story Americas debating the same topic. Joining him was Michael Riley of Bloomberg News and Trevor Timm of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Simon extrapolated greater geopolitical meaning from this, explaining "This is not just a condition that's unique to the United States, governments all around the world have much more powerful tools to surveil their people - this is the condition of the modern world ..."