Perspectives From Southwest Border Mayors on Immigration Reform

NDN/NPI's 21st Century Border Initiatve hosted a conference call with Southwest Border Mayors to discuss the real life impact of immigration policies on border communitties.

On the call NDN/NPI unveiled the following Southwest border mayors will be available to provide context to the ongoing immigration debate and how it impacts real people and the economic vitality of border communities. 

They include, but are not limited to, the following Mayors:

  • Arturo Garino - Mayor of Nogales, Arizona
  • Raul Salinas - Mayor of laredo, Texas
  • Greg Stanton - Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona
  • Tony Martinez - Mayor of Brownsville, Texas
  • Ken Miyagashima - Mayor of Las Cruces, New Mexico

Following the call Simon Rosenberg, President, NDN and the New Policy Institute led a conversation with
Greg Stanton, Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona and Tony Martinez, Mayor of Brownsville, Texas talked about how the border communities are dealing with the immigration bill.

To listen to full call please click here.

Also as the Senate Border/Immigration bill moves to the Senate floor, the team at NDN/NPI offers up its most relevant background materials, and key press clips, updated daily. To view this please click here.