NDN Statement On House GOP DREAMer Vote: "And You Thought This Was Bad..."

“Today, the House Republicans declared their independence from Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  The self-deportation/attrition movement, which captured the Republican Party’s nominee in 2012, has re-asserted itself in American politics.  While the House deferred action vote was regrettable, the newly introduced Goodlatte-Gowdy Enforcement Bill (HR 2278), which calls for among other things, guns and body armor for ICE agents, is as true an expression of self-deportation/attrition as one will ever find in Congress.  

Rather than reaching out, the House GOP is digging in.  Those who want to see the Senate immigration bill signed into law this year have a tougher job ahead of them today than we did a few days ago.”

As background be sure to read my new Huff Po front-page Op-Ed, “The Administration’s Border Strategy Is Working,” and this data-filled power point presentation on how the immigration landscape has changed in recent years.