Event Recap: Immigration Reform: Bipartisanship's Improbable Poster Child

In an era of extreme partisanship, immigration reform has been an opportunity for Democrats and Republicans to work across the aisle issue of import to all Americans, particularly in its effects on the economy. The bipartisan Gang of Eight drafted the Senate immigration bill that has since emerged from the Judiciary Committee, and a bipartisan group has also been working on immigration reform compromise in the House.

As S. 744 goes to the Senate floor for debate this week, NDN President Simon Rosenberg and President and CEO of ImmigrationWorks USA Tamar Jacoby, representing the Democrat and Republican positions respectively, met at the New America Foundation to continue this bipartisan engagement on immigration reform. They discussed where the legislation is now in view of each party and potential challenges for each side.

Both speakers praised the work of the Gang of Eight bill that strives for commonsense reform with compromise on border enforcement, an arduous path to citizenship, and a balance on employment-based visas. They also outlined the future challenges and potential pitfalls those compromises will face as they are tested by full Senate and possibly House debates.

Watch the video of the event: