Quick Hits on April Jobs Report

The just released April jobs report is a welcome surprise.

The US added 165,000 new jobs in April, a number that exceeded most projections.

The unemployment rate is 7.5%, the lowest unemployment rate in 5 years.

Moreover, upward revisions by BLS indicate that an additional 114,000 jobs were added for February and March. 

Investors are responding accordingly - the S&P topped 1600 for the first time; the Dow flirted with 15,000.

This is all very good news in light of a report released by ADP earlier this week indicating private firms added only 119,000 jobs in April.

A new survey shows confidence and growth from middle market companies.

Although no one is fond of the pace, it appears that a slow but steady recovery has taken root.

Meanwhile, actions in Washington could play a role in job creation in the coming months.

President Obama just named his nominees for Secretary of Commerce and US Trade Representative.

The proposed immigration legislation has an immigration angle. Many immigrant entrepreneurs create jobs in America.

A new effort called Innovate for America tracks the jobs created by companies founded by immigrants.