My Statement on Passage of Border/Immigration Bill Out of The Judiciary Committee

I released the following statement earlier today:

"After the Senate Judiciary Committee passed S.755 with a strong bipartisan majority yesterday, we remain optimistic that Congress will be able to pass a good, comprehensive border and immigration bill this year.

The thoughtful and ambitious Gang of Eight Senate framework held through weeks of a spirited markup, and even improved in certain regards.  The Schumer-Hatch Compromise Amendment which fixed some issues with the H1-B Visa was particularly important, making this part of our legal immigration system much more workable for those companies using these visas properly and as intended.  We also celebrate the passage of Feinstein Amendment 10, which would establish a grant program “to construct transportation and support infrastructure improvements at existing and new international border crossings necessary to facilitate safe, secure, and efficient cross border movement of people, motor vehicles, and cargo."  If realized, this addition could do a great deal to help create good paying jobs on both sides of the border in the years ahead. 

 The Senate has set a high bar for the House.  If the House is to produce a different bill, or approach, it will have to justify why it rejected the well-negotiated, publicly tested and bipartisan approach of the Senate bill.  Given the progress the Senate has made it is time for the House to get going, and start their process as soon as possible.

Finally, the thoughtful, bipartisan and very public nature of the Gang of Eight-led process which produced the Senate bill is one all in Washington should applaud. Let's hope it is a model for how we tackle future issues, finding common ground, working through tough problems, and producing a set of solutions equal to the challenge in front of us.  The Senate Gang of Eight deserve commendation for both the ambition of their bill, and the integrity of the process which has driven us this far. "