Daily Border Bulletin: Mexican Trade/Tourist Boon, Math of House Immigration Reform, Critics Exaggerate Visa System Holes

Your Daily Border Bulletin is up:

Mexican Trade — and Tourists — Are Boon for U.S. Businesses As the recent NDN and NPI's 21st Century Border Initiative report "Realizing the Strategic National Value of our Trade, Tourism and Ports of Entry with Mexico" http://ndn.org/sites/default/files/blog_files/NPI%20U%20S%20-Mexico%20Trade%20Tourism%20POE%20Report_0.pdf states, U.S. trade with Mexico is at an all-time high, creating vital jobs on both sides of the border. 

The Basic Math of Immigration Reform in the House True positions on immigration reform are difficult to determine as House Republicans negotiate district opinions, congressional politics, the future of their party, and the future of U.S. immigration. Jonathan Bernstein thinks it unlikely that the Republican-led House will attempt to pass an overly conservative immigration bill that would turn away all Democratic and some Republican support.

Critics Exaggerate Holes in Visa System Updated data shows that visa overstays have decreased in the last decade and suggests that alarm from immigration reform critics is overstated. Improved DHS records, as well as increased cooperation at the northern and southern borders, have made significant strides toward ensuring that people are not staying beyond their legal limit.