Daily Border Bulletin: Hatch on Immigration Overhaul, Immigration Officials Say Safeguards Added, AZ Desert Swallows Migrants

Your Daily Border Bulletin is up: 

Veteran Senator Emerges as Player on Immigration Overhaul Supporters of immigration reform look to Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah for needed Republican support as the markup of the Senate bill continues. Gaining that support may mean making compromises with Senator Hatch on issues of finance and H-1B visas.

Immigration Officials Say Safeguards Were Added DHS and the Obama administration push back on erroneous reports that security requirements were insufficient for adequately checking the backgrounds of millions of immigrants in the Senate immigration legislation.

Arizona Desert Swallows Migrants on Riskier Paths Despite declining apprehension rates in recent years, the numbers of migrant deaths along the US-Mexico border have remained high. As border security has increased, migrants have sought more dangerous paths to cross the border, with more fatal results. The difficulty of identifying the bodies found points to the complexity of the immigration issue.