"The Border is Safer, Our Immigration System is Better, and Mexico Is Modernizing and Growing"

Over the last couple of months the NDN/NPI team has been making an argument about how the landscape had changed since the last time a serious effort to pass immigration reform almost a decade ago.  It's called "Our Border Is Safer, Our Immigration System is Better, and Mexico is Modernizing and Growing." 

You can access this data-filled argument three ways: through Simon's latest op-ed in the Huffington Post.  In a GoTo meeting live presentation with a power point deck Simon presented on April 2nd, which is above.  And through an updated version of that deck, attached.  

Many have this presentation in the last few months.  We hope you find it helpful as we all get ready for the Senate "Gang of Eight" bill to be introduced.  If you would come to see the presentation in person, and join Simon and Kristian Ramos for a discussion about the presentation and the broader immigration reform debate, please join us here at our event space on April 23rd.