Rob Shapiro Featured in New WaPo Piece on Economy, Growth

A new piece today by Washington Post economic correspondent, Jim Tankersley, discusses the President's economic proposals in the State of the Union and features insight from NDN's Dr. Rob Shapiro. Tankersley gives his take on the President's job proposals in the SOTU, specifically the relationship between growth and jobs - a topic Dr. Shapiro has researched extensively. The correspondent joined Dr. Shapiro for a discussion about growth, jobs, and wages this past Monday. Below is an except from the article:

"'It makes it hard for firms to pass along their increases - for health care, energy, and so on - in higher prices," he [Dr. Shapiro] said. "So instead, they cut other costs, starting with jobs and wages.'" Tankersley then continues to reference Dr. Shapiro, including his recommendations to reduce the payroll tax on the employer side and to be more aggressive in limiting health-care cost increases.

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