A Trillion Dollars of Opportunity

Some people argue that clean energy that is a ‘nice to have’ but not a ‘need to have.’

In other words, clean energy is sitting at the kids table when it comes to our energy portfolio.

Clearly, the clean energy sector isn’t window dressing – it’s a critical component of our economy, a sector that is growing even in the difficult economy that we live in. 

A new report from business group Advanced Energy Economy shows how important clean energy is for economic growth. It's an interesting read.

Globally, the advanced energy sector produced $1.12 trillion dollars in revenue in 2011.

The US portion of that is $132 billion – 12% of the global market.

As a point of comparison, that’s more revenue than the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Real advancements in the clean energy sector will require breakthroughs in three critical areas: technology, financing, and policy. In 2013, we have some serious work ahead of us in all three of these areas to continue growing this critical sector of the next economy.  America already has 12% of this important swath of the economy. With a greater investment on the federal, state and municipal levels, America can become the global leader in clean energy.