New Polls Show GOP Brand In Bad Shape

Several polls out over the past few days show the Republican Party to be in terrible shape right now, both in absolute terms and relative to the President:

- Rasmussen and NBC/WSJ show a significant drop in the standing of the GOP since the election, a drop so severe and so big that it could be called a collapse.  Rasmussen shows a 10 point drop, WSJ/NBC a net 8 point drop. Both find the GOP in the 30s, and far far below the Democrats. A new Pew poll has the GOP Congressional approval rating at 25%, a new WaPo/ABC poll finds only 24% of voters approving of the job Speaker Boehner is doing in the fiscal cliff negotiations.  The Rasmussen Congressional generic is showing a staggering 21 point net swing towards the Democrats in the last two years.

- Pew and WaPo/ABC find the GOP to be in bad shape reletive to the President in the current fiscal cliff negotiations.  In WaPo/ABC more than twice as many voters would blame the GOP if the deal collapsed, and only 32% believe the GOP is making a serious effort to reach a deal. while 55% believe the President is being serious. 

Frankly, these are shockingly bad poll numbers.  If I were Speaker Boehner I would cut a deal quickly, get out of town and live to fight another day.   The GOP is in no shape to take on the President right now and need to retreat, quickly.