No Mention of "Closing Loopholes" Anywhere on Romney's Website

Intrigued by the back and forth in the Presidential debate the other night about Romney's claim that he would produce a revenue neutral tax plan by "closing loopholes" worth trillions of dollars, I went to the Romney web site today to learn more.

Interestingly, after much looking, I could not find the words “closing loopholes” anywhere, let alone a plan showing the path to the $5 trillion need to offset the orgy of tax cuts listed on his site.  There simply is no mention of closing loopholes anywhere on the Romney website.

See for yourself -

And if you find any evidence of a plan to close tax loopholes on the Romney site, or even a mention of it, please do send it along. Could be I missed it. 

Mon Update - TNR's Jonathan Cohn joins me in taking a walk through the Romney website, and similarly, finds it wanting.