Daily Border Bulletin- Texan Pastors plan to create a National Church ID, U.S. facilitates visas to Indian visitors, and more

Daily Border Bulletin is up! Today's stories are:

Texan pastors plan to create National Church ID- A coalition of pastors proposes to create an identity card (ID) for undocumented immigrants to prevent them from being detained by police due to a lack of identity documents.

U.S. faciliates visa for tourists from India- In order to attract more tourists from India, the State Department announced an Interview Waiver Program for foreign visitors who were interviewed and thoroughly screened in conjunction with a prior visa application.

Mexico's Ambassadors suggest that Mexico and the U.S. co-host a World Cup- Mexico’s Ambassador to the U.S., Arturo Sarukhan threw out an ambitious, but crowd-pleasing, suggestion: that Mexico and the United States need to co-host the World Cup during a conference organized by the U.S.-Mexico Foundation, a nonprofit group that coordinates philanthropy and collaborative efforts between the United States and Mexico.