Daily Border Bulletin- Private Investors Needed for U.S.-Mexico Cross Border Trade, Mexican Athlete Represents the U.S.

Daily Border Bulletin is up! Today's stories include:

Private investment can boost U.S.-Mexico trade- Bottlenecks are threatening to choke off the vitality of U.S.-Mexico trade and to solve the problem, private investment is needed, states the San Antonio Express-News editorial board.

Mexican-born athlete competes in U.S. Olympic team- Born in Mexico, Leo Manzano’s rise to two-time Olympian was as unlikely as it is inspiring, reports Latino Fox News.  The 27-year-old runner will compete as part of Team USA in the 1500 meters in London.

Center in Texas seeks to attract more Mexican entrepreneurs- The International Trade Center at the University of Texas at San Antonio organizes the conference Investing in Texas intended to help foreign entrepreneurs understand the aspects of the U.S. market in order to shape a successful business plan.