Simon Rosenberg Weighs In on Current Immigration Debate

This week, Simon Rosenberg was quoted in two articles on Hispanic voting:

“Obama to address Latino leaders a day after Romney” (AP)

 Simon Rosenberg, who follows immigration matters as head of the liberal-leaning group NDN, said the president's move on immigration not only helps him energize Latino voters, it also helps cast him as a president willing to take bold steps.

For a Latino community that worried that neither party was doing enough, "they now have a champion," he said. But, he added, "There will be a resonance beyond the Latino community."

Mitt Romney tries to soften image among Hispanic voters(Washington Post)

Democrats and liberal immigration advocates denounced the speech as a sign that he plans to hew closely to the wishes of the conservative Republican base. Said Simon Rosenberg, president of the liberal think tank NDN: "He had a chance to start fresh, but chose to double down on a set of policies simply unacceptable to the vast majority of Latinos."

Please see Simon's statement on the Romney campaign's immigration announcement here.