Press Clips: “Slowing the Flow of Smuggled U.S. Guns Into Mexico”

On Thursday, May 31st, NDN/NPI held a forum with Congressman Adam Schiff of California and Mexico’s Ambassador to the U.S. Arturo Sarukhan, about tougher penalties against the illegal southbound flow of guns from the US into Mexico, a country where owning a gun of any kind is illegal. Below are a handful of press clips.

Janell Ross – Huffington Post Latino “Mexico Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan Says U.S. Guns Fuel Violence, Denies Mexico Is Infringing Upon Gun Rights”

Dan Freedman – San Antonio Express-News and Houston Chronicle “Mexican ambassador calls 2nd Amendment fears 'gobbledygook'”

Jordy Yager – The Hill  “Mexican official: Fast and Furious 'poisoned' public opinion of US”

Jaime Goldberg – Los Angeles Times “Mexico left in the dark on Fast and Furious, ambassador says”

Douglas Stalin - USA Today  “Envoy: Mexicans upset over botched U.S. gunrunning scheme”

UPI- Envoy: "Mexico was not in gun-sting loop"

Notimex –  “Impactan en México leyes laxas sobre armas: Sarukhán”

Diego Urdaneta   Agence France-Presse  “México espera fin de investigación de escándalo de armas en EEUU (embajador)”