Daily Border Bulletin- Mexican crew fight wildfires in Texas, Cross-border trucking program should continue, and more

Your Daily Border Bulletin is up! Stories for today are as follows:

Mexican crew fights wildfires in Texas- A 32-person crew from Mexico, known down as “Los Diablos,” arrived at Guadalupe Mountains National Park in western Texas to fight the wildfire that started on May 26 and burned 171 acres before it was contained with the help of the Mexican crew.

Cross-border trucking program should continue- An op-ed in the San Antonio Express-News criticizes comments made by official from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration who said that the cross-border trucking program that started last fall might not continue because of low participation by Mexican carriers.

Dallas attracts $119 millions from foreign investors- A federal program that grants permanent residency to foreign citizens who invest more than half a million dollars and create more than 10 jobs, has proven successful in Dallas where 2,380 jobs were created in exchange of 238 HB-5 visas in the last 30 months. On the national level, 2,101 green cards have been granted so far in 2012.