Daily Border Bulletin - Border Tour Promotes Trade Between the U.S. and Mexico, and more stories

Your Daily Border Bulletin is up! Stories of the day are as follows:

Border Tour Promotes Trade Between the U.S. and Mexico - A U.S. trade delegation on Monday launched a five-day Mexican border tour by visiting city officials,maquiladoras, and learning about the planned cross-border ports of entry. The group includes members of the private and public sectors. It is led by assistant U.S. Commerce Secretary Michael C. Camuñez and members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as well as the U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Anthony Wayne.

Federal Program Recruits Mexican Entrepreneurs to Invest in the U.S. -
Select USA, a federal program to attract foreign investment, teaches Mexican businesspeople about immigration visas, legal and fiscal systems in the U.S. and business opportunities to expand their companies to the U.S. market.

D.C. Police Might Ignore Secure Communities- Council members of the District of Columbia say they would oppose the federal program Secure Communities by passing a law instructing loal police to ignore requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement to hold people arrested for low-level crimes.