Daily Border Bulletin – California Wants to Legalize Immigrants‎, U.S. and Mexico Deportation Plans, and more

Your Daily Border Bulletin is up! Stories from your Border Bulletin are as follows:

Why California’s Bid to Legalize Undocumented Immigrants Works‎ A new California law, AB 1544, sets up a state work permit (subject to federal approval) to legalize many unauthorized immigrants in California.

Arizona Militias Gain Momentum After Citizen Border Group Bill is Defeated Volunteer patrols are determined to take on their own hands the security along  the Arizona’s border with Mexico after plans for a state-sanctioned citizens border organization were struck down in the State Legislature.

U.S., Mexico in talks to deport criminal immigrants deep into Mexico to cut down on repeat crossings The United States and Mexico are negotiating  deportation plans of criminal undocumented immigrants deep into Mexico rather than releasing them at Mexican border cities, hoping to stop adding to the criminal chaos south of the border.