Clean Energy Initiative Solution Series Remarkable Success

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have helped to make our Clean Energy Solution Series such a brilliant success.  Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s speech last Thursday on the Department of the Interior’s energy initiatives marked the 10th in our series that began last summer.  Your participation is important to this success and, I’d love to hear suggestions and ideas  for speakers or subject matter for future events. Please contact me at 202-384-1216 or  Check out the following list of our remarkable speakers and panels:

Wireless Technology-Wireless Technology: New Technologies and the Electric Grid

  • Nick Sinai -White House Director of Smart Grid
  • Kurt Yeager – Galvin Electricity Initiative
  • Hassane Bouhia – Verizon 
  • Stewart Kantor – CEO, Full Spectrum

Rooftop Solar: The Speed of Solar: Tremendous Progress of Rooftop Solar Technology

  • Danny Kennedy – CEO, Sungevity
  • Rachel Tronstein –  DOE  EERE
  • Andrea Luecke - Solar Foundation

FERC Order 1000: Transmission Policy Reform: What does this mean for Renewables?

  • Joe Kelliher – NextERA Energy and former FERC Commissioner
  • Nina Plaushin –ITC Holdings
  • Tom Vinson – American Wind Energy Association
  • Bill White – Energy Future Coalition

Wind and Renewable Tax Credits:  Economic Ramifications of Wind and the Relevance of Tax Credits

  • Markian Melnyk – Atlantic Wind Connection
  • Laura Haynes- Senator Tom Carper 
  • Rob Gramlich - American Wind Energy Association 

Electric Vehicles:  Promise and Progress of Electric Vehicles

  • Barbara Tyran –Electric Power Research Institute
  • Miles Keogh – National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
  • Kyle Davis – Mid America Corporation
  • Genevieve Cullen –Electric Drive Transportation 
  • Mary Beth Stanek – General Motors

Gina McCarthy Asst. Administrator for Toxic Emissions and Radiation, Environmental Protection Agency

  • EPA Regulations on Utilities

DOI Chinese Tariffs: Solar Tariffs: Smart Policy or Protectionism?

  • Lewis Leibowitz – Hogan Lovells, LLC
  • Elizabeth Drake – Stewart & Stewart, LLC
  • William Morin – Applied Materials 

Consumers: Their Critical Rule in Shaping The Future of Energy Use.

  • Michael Sachse – Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Opower
  • John Ashford – The Hawthorn Group
  • Cliff Majersik – Institute for Market Transformation  

Ken Salazar:  Secretary of the United States Department of Interior 

  •  Interior's All of the Above Energy Strategy