Next Economy Notes - Is The Recovery Faltering?

Driving the discussion today, the New York Times has a feature story that raises the specter of a potential  spring collapse for the recovery. 

National Journal has an important piece on America's increasing lack of faith in virtually every institution - mostly driven by the recession.

Many people assume that the industrial midwest too the brunt of the Great Recession, but the West Coast is home to all five cities that have double the national unemployment rate.

Speaking of the West Coast, California is currently in the throes of debating a major infrastucture project - high speed rail between Los Angeles and San Francisco. TPM covers what this means for the national debate.

We've written a decent bit about the correlation between volatility in housing prices and overall economic strength. Where does your city rank in Smart Money's list of cities with least realistic housing prices?

President Clinton continues to believe that clean energy and energy efficiency have tremendous potential for economic development - and encourages people to 'chill out - this stuff takes time.'

At the Next Economy Partnership Project, we're big fans of the Starbucks Create Jobs for USA project. We're also glad Starbucks has stopped coloring their drinks with pieces of insects.