Daily Border Bulletin: Texas Lawmaker: U.S.-Mexico Border's No War Zone, Law Enforcement, AG Industry Voice Concern Of AL Law,

Your Daily Border Bulletin is up!  Stories featured in your Bulletin are as follows:

Texas lawmaker: U.S.-Mexico border's no war zoneA hearing in the Texas state legislature heats up when State Senator Jose Rodriguez, D-El Paso accuses State Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples of fanning the flamesof border rhetoric which miss-characterizes the region as a war zone.

Alabama Immigration Law Update Draws Criticism, Bucks National Trend A hearing on Alabama's harsh anti-immigration law highlights the deep divide in the state as lawmakers and farmers joined sides with immigrant rights groups in voicing their strong disapproval of the law.

No Motive in Killing of Two Immigrants in Arizona ​Several days after the brutal murder of two unarmed undocumented immigrants riding in the back of a pick up truck in the Arizona border region, no motive has been found