Solar Tariff Panel Continues Clean Energy Initiative's Body of Work in the Field of Solar Energy

NDN's Clean Energy Initiative will host a panel this Friday,16th titled Solar Tariffs:  Smart Policy or Protectionism? Joining us for this discussion will be three leading experts in international trade and solar technologies: 

William Morin who will address the disruption tariffs could have on the US solar industry and the overall value chain. Morin is Senior Director for Government Affairs at Applied Materials. 

Lewis Leibowitz –who will address the impact of these tariff cases on American manufacturers that depend on imports to be competitive in the marketplace. Leibowitz is an international trade attorney with Hogan Lovells, LLC. 

Elizabeth Drake –will address trade remedy laws as a legitimate tool for addressing trade distortions caused to domestic manufacturers by dumping and subsidies. Drake is an international trade attorney with Stewart & Stewart, LLC 

This panel is the seventh in our "Clean Energy Solution Series" to showcase the leaders, companies, ideas and policies hastening our transition to a cleaner, safer and more distributed energy paradigm. 

Our Clean Energy Program has a large body of work in the field of solar and solar technologies. 

In June of last year, we hosted a hugely successful panel on Rooftop Solar featuring Danny Kennedy, the founder of the innovative and successful Sungevity, the fastest growing solar company in the world, Andrea Ludke of the Solar Foundation and Rachel Tronstein of the Energy Efficiency Office of Department of Energy also participated in this panel.  

Michael Moynihan, Director and founder of Electricity 2.0, wrote a well receieved paper, Solar Energy:  The Case for Action which ourlined action items to taken in the road forward to full integration of solar into the 21st Century marketplace.  

In June of 2008, our Clean Energy Initiative hosted "Energy and the American Way of Life" which addressed solar energy in the next millenium and featured Roger Efrid, President of Suntech, Greg Kats of Good Energies, Jack Hidary of the Hidary Foundation, and Shyam Kannan, LEED® AP, Vice President Director of Research and Development, RCLCO, a real estate consulting company.

I look forward to seeing you Friday, March 16th at 12Noon at NDN event space located at 729 15th Street, Washington, DC.