One Year Later - Effects of Fukishima Meltdown Mixed, Administration takes issue with Politico Story US Dependence on Oil

Matthew Wald has in interesting blog in the New York Times today about the health impacts from the radioactive materials released in theFukushima Daiichi meltdowns.  In a panel discussion hosted by the Health Physics Society it was determined that the health impacts  will probably be too small to be easily measured but that the area cordoned off by the Japanese government as uninhabitable is probably far too large, the experts said. The overall theme of the discussion was that radiation is widely feared but poorly understood, and is a smaller problem than the vast destruction and loss of life caused by the earthquake and tsunami.

The Energy Department is taking issue with a Tuesday POLITICO story  describing Secretary Steven Chu as saying DOE is working to promote alternatives to oil rather than directly lowering gasoline prices. "This report is false," a DOE spokeswoman said. "In the hearing Tuesday, the secretary repeatedly reiterated his concern about the impact that increased prices at the pump are having on families and that we continue to do all we can to provide relief. That said there are no quick fixes, which is why this administration has taken steps to continue to expand production, dramatically increase the efficiency of the vehicles we drive, and invest in alternate fuels - all with an ultimate goal of reducing our reliance on foreign oil and protecting American families from the ups and downs of the international oil market."  Chu's testimony