Invite Reminder and Backgrounder: TODAY @ 2:00 pm EST A Live Web Discussion on The New Immigration Landscape

Just a friendly reminder to join Simon Rosenberg, President of NDN, Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice and Ruben Gallego, State Representative, Arizona District 16 for a discussion:"A Changed Landscape: How Recent Events Have Changed The Debates Over Immigration, the Border and The Political Attitudes of Latinos." Below is some background materials from our panelists that will be highlighted on our spreecast.


Univision News/LD National - Latino Electorate Poll Results - November, 2011
ImpreMedia-Latino Decisions - Tracking Poll Results - December, 2011
Pew Hispanic Center - 2011 National Survey of Latinos Topline - December,2011

From Simon:

NDN "The Administration's Border Strategy Is Working"
NDN "NDN Applauds Administration Steps To Improve Our Immigration System."
NDN "Easier Routes to Green Card to Be Proposed, New Paths For Migrants, Latino Migration To U.S. slows."
Salon "GOP's Latino Problems Get Worse."
Miaimi Herald "Romney will have big problem: Hispanic voters"

From Frank:

Americas Voice "Report: Why Do Elephants Put their Heads in the Sand?"
Americas Voice "New Iowa Polling Annihilates Conventional Wisdom on Immigration."
Americas Voice "Public Opinion on Immigration Reform Polling Round-Up."

From Ruben:

LA Times "Does Russell Pearce recall portend a new Arizona?"
Arizona Republic "Arpaio running again for Maricopa County sheriff"
Arizona Republic "Democrats plan to introduce bill to repeal SB 1070"

If you wish to participate in the event please do so by going to the NDN/NPI channel at 2:00 pm ET on Thursday, January 12th, on the webcasting platform Spreecast.

On the Spreecast platform you can watch the conversation in real time over the web, chat about the discussion, ask written questions or even join the moderated conversation via video if you have a webcam.

Again all you have to do is click on our our Spreecast channel to participate in the conversation.  While it is not necessary to RSVP, we welcome you doing so on our spreecast page.