President Obama big friend of Oil and Gas Industry, Troubles with NRC Commission in House Hearing, Summary of Legislative Riders

An Op-Ed by Michael Webber, University of Texas energy analyst, states that the oil and gas industry has flourished under the Obama Administration and is experiencing the largest growth since the 1950s.  U.S. oil production is up 14% since Obama took office while foreign oil consumption is only 45%.  Obama opened up offshore drilling and continued this even after the BP oil spill, Administration investments energy and research resulted in filling the innovation pipelines with new devices and entrepreneurial opportunities.

House of Representatives  Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  The hearing aired complaints from all five members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  Gregory B. Jaczko, chair of the committee and an ally of Senator Reid, has had trouble with the the four members in terms of information flow to other commissioners.  

California gets ready to integrate more renewables on the market.  Five things are critical to this process: adequate interconnection, good market design, advanced market tools, system flexibility, and last of all agreed upon rules fo this.