MIT Recommends Changes in Regulatory Environment, Unemployment Insurance tied to Keystone Pipeline, Reps and Dems counter Policy

According to the recent MIT study, while the grid is not in any imminent danger, the current regulatory framework, largely established in the 1930s is not capable of giving the country the grid of the future to support new technologies and consumer services for a strong and competitive U.S. economy.  MIT recommends a series of changes in the regulatory environment designed to facilitate and exploit technological innovation which should  include federal authority over decisions on the routing of new interstate transmission lines.

Republicans leaders in the House of Representatives are looking to use year-end legislation to extend the payroll tax cut to advance their energy tax policy.  Legislation was rolled out Friday to extend the tax holiday and unemployment insurance, but would also force the State Department to make a final decision on Keystone XL within 60 days. The measure also includes language blocking EPA's boiler MACT rule that would clamp down on mercury, lead and soot emissions.

Paralysis on any energy legislation rules the day in 112th Congress.   The Republicans say the Democrats haven't allowed votes on their bills, but the Democrats say that the Republicans' legislation is too ideologically partisan and not based in compromise