EPA MACT Rules Announced Today, Google Makes Big Investment in Solar, Strategies for Keystone Communication

Lisa Jackson of EPA will release the EPA's first rules for mercury and air toxics emissions from utility power plants today at 2pm.  The Republican leadership on the House Energy and Commerce Committee admantly opposes this ruling which is not surprising because they oppose most everyting EPA.  Morning Politico hints that the  finalized rules include so-called safety valve provisions that would give some power plants an extra year - beyond the three or four usually allowed under the Clean Air Act - to comply with the utility MACT.  Details will be linked in tomorrow's blog.

Internet Company Google announced that it is putting $94 million into Recurrent Energy projects construction of solar panels.  These solar panels will feed into  Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), raising it's investments in clean energy to an extrodinary $915 million.  

David Roberts writes in Grist that the enviromental community needs to re-work their messaging because the Keystone Pipeline presents a perfect opportunity for environmentalists.  Roberts argues that the compromise throws the decision on whether to move forward on the pipeline to the State Department, where they will most likely kill it.  He suggests the enviro messaging be positive and proactive.