El Paso Mayor John Cook comments on NPI Report on Crossborder Trade With Mexico

The New Policy Institute’s 21st Century Border Initiative is proud to have released a major new report researched by The North American Center For Transborder Studies (NACTS) at Arizona State University, “Realizing the Value of our Cross Border Trade with Mexico.”

For the executive summary of the report please click here. NDN and members of NACTS staff held a public spreecast discussing the contents of the report.

Mayor John Cook of El Paso, Texas released the following statement on the report

 “This report provides an excellent overview of our trade of Mexico’s industry to our national economy.  It is incumbent on today’s political leadership to improve the border infrastructure and implement technology that will facilitate cross border commerce without jeopardizing national security.”

Below is a video of Mayor Cook discussing the important economic power of legal trade and immigration with Mexico.