Daily Border Bulletin – More Predator Drones On Border, Lack of immigrants hurts economy, Undocumented’s Voting?

Your Daily Border Bulletin is up! Stories form todays border bulletin are below:

More Predator Drones On The Border - Starting in 2005, the U.S began using un-manned planes to monitor movement along our southern border. Today there are a total of 8 Predator drones patrolling our border with Mexico.

Immigrants Essential to Small Business Growth  A new report shows that immigrants are essential to the growth of small business in the country:  “Of the 50 top firms that received venture capital backing in the past three years, 46 percent include at least one immigrant founder, according to a report released Tuesday by the National Foundation for American Policy."

Connecticut Mayor Wants Immigrants to Vote  A Connecticut mayor, who has in the past given identification cards to undocumented immigrants is now pushing legislation to allow them to vote in local elections.