Trade Wars over Chinese Solar, Keystone Rerouting would Eliminate 2012 Hotbutton, IEA Study urges Investment in Clean Tech

Clean Energy Update:

Potential Trade War over Solar Power Industry Brews at the Department of Commerce

The Obama Administration finds itself caught between abundant cheap solar manufactured in China and strong resistance from U.S Solar manufacturers.  Environmentalists are playing a key Middle Role.  In the past few years,  imports from Chinese solar manufacturers has morphed to one half of the US solar market leading seven American Solar Manufacturers to file a petition with the Department of Commerce asking for an Administrative investigation into the Chinese trade practices.  

Rerouting of XL Keystone Pipeline past Environmentally Sensitive Areas Could Take Hotbutton Issue off the 2012 Political Landscape

The Obama Administration finds itself caught in the middle between two important constituences on the XL Pipeline Issue.  Business and labor joined together in favor of the pipeline stressing the importance more jobs.  Meanwhile, the environmental communicy has mounted a full scale campaign against the pipeline stating the severe effects of the pipeline  on our ecosystem.   Thousands of protesters gathered around the White House this weekend to protest the building of this pipeline.  If the State Department does reroute the pipeline, this would require new environmental reviews, effectively delaying this issue past the 2012 election season, and taking this hotly charged issue off the political table.

International Energy Agency Urges Clean Technology 

A new study by International Energy Agency (IEA) states the Key to Climate Change is High Efficiency Technology.  The International Energy Agency issued a new study that says unless countries quickly shift toward high-efficiency technology and low-carbon energy sources, the infrastructure being built worldwide in the next five years will make it impossible to check climate change to safe levels.