Top DOE Panel Delivers Recommendations on Shale Gas, Madison Ave and Smart Grid, Go See the Movie!

An expert committee convened by the Department of Energy (DOE) to develop recommendations on the regulation of shale gas production has released a draft of its final report.  Among other things, this report recommends that EPA expand proposed emission standards for oil and gas sector to include regulation of methane emissions from existing shale gas production facilities, and take action to address water quality concerns relating to shale gas production before completing its planned three-year study of shale gas wastewater discharges.  The report also urged EPA, DOE, and the Department of Interior to coordinate support for research and development efforts on shale gas. 

What is the CEO of Proctor & Gamble doing at the Gridwise Alliance Forum?  The answer is an easy one, P&G knows a bit about how to sell to the consumer.  Example:  five years ago, Who knew we needed a Swiffer? Today, millions of consumers think they do,own a swiffer and  buy Swiffer refills on a regular basis.  Investor owned utilities haven't had much experience navigating the marketing world.  Their clumsy handling of initial smart grid outreach has produced failed results.  But the economic and environmental potential of smart grid is making it necessary to educate themselves on some marketing 101 from companies that do it the best. 

The Electric Car is going Mainstream.  If you don't believe me, go see the movie- which will open in Washington DC in a week.  By the Director of "Who Killed the Electric Car", Chris Paine has second thoughts.  This new movie, "The Revenge of the Electric Car" is about the renaissance of this industry.  Read a review here.